Friday, August 07, 2009

Seattle and other significant things

(An image of mine that I worked on in Adobe Design Premium CS4. I recommend it to anyone who has a creative mind.) :)

What a super busy week! A good thing is that we are going to be home this weekend. (I truly look forward to catching up on all sorts of things around here.)


(I shot this image the morning before we were married. It will always hold a warm place in my heart.)

We have our 1st year anniversary coming up. It has been quite a year indeed. I will write more on this, but want to make it a separate post when I finish my newest poem. ;) Earlier, he read to me something beautiful he is writing for me, and as always, he has my heart. What a nice night this is.

(I just glanced over at him, because he began to speak as I was writing this, and all I could do was smile. He spoke of our stocks in the stock market, but all I thought of was how much I love him. I really never heard what he said. He had a smile of his own, so it must have been something good. Yes, something good in the market!) :)

Moving on:

Soon we will be in Philadelphia for an upcoming project, a Beverly Hills mansion for the 2009 Emmys, a beautiful visit to Seattle, our 1st year anniversary, an interview with the CEO of Nolcha for Stefan's magazine, Emerging Magazine, where I will shoot the photographs, another with an actress, a trip down south, some other projects, a new addition, the tile in the entrance way complete, and so much more. It will be a busy close to summer,... and into the fall. Next year will be our best yet. We have so many wonderful plans.

OK, I have to express my love for Autumn and how I look forward to beautiful walks with my camera. It is my favorite time of year! Last year, Stefan and I gathered so many photographs on our walks--this year I plan on catching an early Autumn morning with fog. :) I love the fun of Halloween, candy, and the crispness in the air. I also enjoy Christmastime. I am sure it will be a great close to the year.


(My close friend, Mark Kiver's photograph. He is a true inspiration.)

Here is a link to my favorite photograph of his (3rd down from the left): Click here. He has not only been a longtime friend, but his talent is absolutely amazing.

I so look forward to going to Seattle for a visit in September. I look forward to the lights, walks through the city with Stefan, the gorgeous views, mountains, scents of seafood, romance, and all else the city has to offer. Not only those, but trips to the lodge, skiing, and photographs from every angle. If all goes well, it might be a big part of our future plans. ;)

Seattle has so much culture and is incredibly beautiful. It could never take the place of San Francisco, but it is a close 2nd.

Tonight, Stefan and I watched a movie and relaxed after work. It was very peaceful. Tomorrow? Well, I hope to sleep in, but that never really happens--we always seem to wake early anyway. ;)

Until later, enjoy your night.


"Measure yourself by your best moments, not by your worst. We are too prone to judge ourselves by our moments of despondence and depression."
--Robert Johnson

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Anonymous said...

...Happy Anniversary, and may there be a lifetime more to come.

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

Aww, thank you!


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