Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Best of the BEST in Interior Design!

Seeking a Top Interior Designer? A Lifestyle Expert? Well, look no further, because I know just the person! Barclay Fryery is the best of the best! I absolutely adore him! Contact Barclay to begin a better lifestyle today! A lifestyle of luxury that will leave your friends covetous!

About Barclay Fryery:

Turn on the TV or radio, pick up a newspaper or magazine, surf the net and you're likely to see Barclay Fryery. He gives new meaning to the term “Million Dollar Man.”

Fryery is a Greenwich, CT-based lifestyle expert, interior decorator, TV host, columnist, author. He has been named one of the top 125 designers in America by "House Beautiful" for four consecutive years. He has also been featured in "Elle Décor," "Maison Francaise..." He decorates for those who are truly chic and for those that want to be - he fusses over the way they dress, the way they decorate, the way they entertain, he teaches them how to “Indulge!”

Barclay was the winning designer on the USA Network's "House Wars" in 2003. You can also catch him as a guest expert on A&E's "Mansions, Monuments & Masterpieces." Fryery has also appeared on "Living it Up! with Ali & Jack", ABC Good Morning America, CBS - The Early Show, Weekend Today in NY-WNBC, Fox & Friends-Fox News Channel, The Flip Side and The Biz-CNNfn, Style Court-E!/Style, Everyday Elegance with Colin Cowie, and Style & Design with Leslie Mueller. Regarding his press appearances, Barclay says, "All my life I have wanted to share everything that's wonderful and help people become fabulous through my design work, radio, TV, print and of course, there's my Web site, he said.

Currently, he is shopping a TV show and book called "Indulge - Seven Ways to a Fabulous Life" - from his own experience he will inspire you to be the very best that you can be.

"There is simply NOTHING WORSE than seeing someone walk through the halls of their home not looking like they belong there," Fryery insists. In order to create a lifestyle for a client, he looks at the architecture of the home, how the client dresses, what is the flavor of the neighborhood and gives the client an elevation of their current style within their range. He gives them something they never, ever thought they wanted. Some of Fryery's design maxims include: "When in doubt, think symmetry;" "A balanced room is never a bad thing," "Try not to do too matchy-matchy- mix it up," and "Fashion inspires great interiors."

As a creative consultant for very special events (he actually plans them for you) his beat includes fashion shows, museums, auction houses, choice lunches and occasionally Wal-Mart by day; at night it's grand events, openings, galas et all. His professional lifestyle goal is to track down what's hip; what's not. When "House Beautiful" asked him his preferred window treatment, he responded, "Pencil-pleated silk draperies that pull up high, paired with petite bamboo blinds underneath." About his featured layout apartment, he said, "I think the secret of life is learning how to delegate. This place (his apartment) functions like a hotel, which keeps me free to focus on the next project."

In his lifestyle manifesto which introduces a compendium of his work, Fryery defines key style terms: "Style is a distinctive manner; glamour is an essence that encompasses excitement, beauty and charm; elegance is a manner of tasteful grace and refined luxury."

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