Monday, August 16, 2010


Autumn is here and I am super excited about capturing new photographs this year. I will capture seasonal photographs in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. I am confident I will have such fun doing so. There is so much history, covered bridges, changing of the leaves and of course, the sea! I will always love its beauty.

In other news:

It has been a long weekend and I am so glad it is finally over. Too much to talk about there, but my heart aches. I will skip the details, because it is something I prefer not to share. Life changes unexpectedly and when you can do nothing to change it, you have no choice, but to take it on face to face. Sometimes, it is not that easy. :)

Stefan and I are having a great time with this upcoming event--it is going to be fabulous! If you are in the Beverly Hills area, scroll down this page and check out the event! The event will be on Sep 11th and all for a wonderful charity. There will be 2 full free bars, celebrities, designers, models, media and more. Hope to see you there.

In other new:

Happy "early" Birthday! So much love to you two!

Hmm, what else...

I guess that is it for now, because I have lost my train of thought. :) Oh, I must tell you, Stefan and I are going salt water fishing! I simply cannot wait! I hope I catch a shark, so I can swing him around on the pier and scare the other fishermen! ;)


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