Saturday, August 21, 2010

They Say Wisdom is a Journey

I find it wrong for someone to speak negatively about a parent to their child. Unless the other parent abused, it is wrong. During a divorce, personal feelings can cloud judgment and wound the children--good memories fade.

You see, if the other parent feels wronged in some way, they hurt. And with that pain, they spread it to others by saying negative things. Funny, even when they make the other parent go to marriage counseling before they can divorce and it does not work, the pain turns to anger and they really go off the deep end; they try to keep the children and much more. If that person was so bad, why make them go to counseling? They do so because they do not think that person is bad at that time and truly want to save the relationship.

Really, it is so sad for the children involved. What is best for the children should be #1, not what is best for the parents.

My mother never spoke a negative word about my father and set those values within me; she wanted me to know him myself, and not from a one-sided story. I am grateful for her wisdom.

(I just saw a program about it and needed to speak my mind.) ;)

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Anonymous said...

A person does not go to therapy to admit a problem; one can do that alone. One must admit the need for change, and be willing to search for the pathway to find it. Negativity is the stumbling block within the journey that serves to build our strength to complete the search. If one is truly willing, they will find their truth within themselves.


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