Monday, July 07, 2008

The Distance of a Smile


Just arrived from long hours at work. I went in at my 2am, because they really needed me.

I think I am a good girl, and maybe I might be a brat at times, I really do try my best. And, I do not give up. If I had to, I would carry the weak (... and I do at times while at work). I would never hurt a single soul either.

But in all I do, in all my thoughts, in all one can see within my eyes, and deep into my soul,...

if you are not willing to take the chance, you miss out on so many smiles, warmth and laughter.

And someone once told me, "You are not that far away, just the sweet distance of a smile. And, Cher ..., you really know how to cuddle my soul and my heart. I think, as nobody did so far. And that is your treasure, your gift, ... to be able to touch my soul and my heart the way you do.

Still chatting, dear Cher ...
still, typing, still sending emotions,
still, enjoying so much, sitting by you, Cher,
still not being able to stop

As each moment, each second with you
... is a gift
Each smile, each laughter,
... is the best music
Each sent hug, each kiss,
... sublime

Such a friendship with love,
such love with friendship

Cher ...

Words mean nothing anymore to a heart that has been shattered.

... especially if they were stolen back when the soul was not looking.


2 comments to Cher:

Fernando said...

Never give up hope, Cher. I'm sure he knows your worth.....he'd be stupid not to. Besos ! Fernando

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that he cannot see what I do. I feel sorry for anyone that cannot see what I do. I would not toss aside a precious gem to grab up shiny stones to make my treasure, for indeed, I have truly lost all that is worth of me. I cannot say no more, I have tried. He will just have to live without, and I hope to find the treasure he left behind. Someday, the pieces of your heart will be put back, stronger than ever before, and they will never be broken again. I promise this to you.
...never again. is not who we are, but what we do that defines us.

You are a gift to the world, that is how GOD made you. He did an excellent job.

Love you my beautiful friend.



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