Friday, July 04, 2008

Calling all angels

Here I am on Terry's wireless, writing in my blog. There he sits, playing a video game on my mobile, and assuming I am listening to him speak about this and that. He assumes that I am answering an email, because it was my intention at first, even though I am sore and extremely sleepy at the moment. (I am a brat and brats do "Brat" things, yea?)

He says, "Victor seems so fun, Cher. I really laugh about "The International Dorks Society", or however he named it! (I look up and give him a smile as he goes on... ) Haha, could you imagine he and I going around in my car; 2 dorks, as you would say, Cher, trying to be cool!" Haha! I already like him so much!"

From there, my thoughts drift and the sound of Terry's voice fades within them.

"Even though it is said that eyes are the mirrors of the soul ...
... there is so much more to find behind yours!"

And a reply by another:

"If you find that the eyes mirror that which is in the soul, than how is it you cannot see the beautiful heart that you left broken inside? If one truly sees that which is hidden within, would he not cherish the soul for yet another story to be told? And would he not want to be in that story, to share the passions that are afire within those eyes? To push aside the love of a beautiful woman for ones selfish desires is to cast aside a lifetime of happiness. You don't know what you have until it is gone. I pity you, for I will never know that feeling. "

I am going to say a prayer when I am done here. I am going to pray for so much.

... again, hopefully my prayers will be heard.


6 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

Big hugs, Cher. Gigantic ones.

Anonymous said...

Do not cast your blessings to the wind kitten, for they are yours to keep, not to give away. Someday my love, someday.

...all my love, hugs, and many kisses.


J said...

He'd be a foolish man not to feel your words in his own heart. Trust in the heart's not out to harm you. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX~ All hugs for you!!!!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

OMG, it's so good to hear from you!!!! Hooray!!!!! Call me immediately!

I love you and will be praying beside you. Mia

Gio said...

I miss your smile and the times you wrote so happily about you two in here. I know it hurts but to imagine your soul cryin' ....that kills. I'm sorry this happened to you Cher, and I'll keep hoping for the best. If I could make it all ok for you I would.

Anonymous said...

If he chooses to not come back, dear, he's a big fool - even - to his own self. With that, I honestly don't think he'd take a lifetime of unhappiness over getting it back to good with you. I just don't think any man could do that, dear.



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