Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Where is my heart?


I just arrived from work and am about to go to a doctor's appointment, but wanted to write for a moment.

I wanted to say thank you for all the recent comments on my posts. Really, please do not worry about me. I cannot say why not, because I do not know. But just try not to so much, k? Sending so many hugs to you all. I appreciate your care so much.

As for not getting back to some--I just now listened to my voice mail. I think there were 9 messages in all over the past 2 days. I just got a bit busy is all, and will give call backs soon. Sorry for that, (... email and messages, as well).

So, I had a decent day yesterday. All in all, I got a lot done. I did have a visitor for a few minutes. He had called me and asked to come say hello. He arrived in his business suit and such a smile that I had to ask him to please stop looking at me. I guess I get embarrassed easily. He laughed and began asking more about my photography and writing. He seemed genuinely interested in them. It is nice to have a new friend that automatically is wanting to know about photography, because I do not have too many here that take images on a regular basis like I do.

Curious, he asked to give me a hug and during this (lasted a good minute or so) he was trembling. I am no one special as to have this trembling when near me, be sure. So, I asked why he was so nervous with me. I cannot recall his answer, but I think he sniffed my hair, haha. Anyway, as he left, he stated that he did not want to leave. It was very sweet, but really, I was extremely busy and had to go myself. I have to say that having a hug during all I am going through, felt comforting. Believe me, I am in need of so many hugs.

Anyway, I painted yesterday, as well. I worked on images and relaxed in the evening with some good music and a cappuccino. And at the moment, my heart feels missing. Not sure how to explain it. ly.

And, I feel odd today for some reason; not at all like myself. Not sure if that is a good thing or not. Either way, today is here and I plan on making the most of it.

So many hugs directly to your precious hearts.


5 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Your pic is adorable, Cher!!!! =)

To mention your heart....I hope it smiles soon, dear because I've never seen a heart like yours. It doesn't deserve anything but alot of love.

Thanks for the hug!!!!

Hans S. said...

Cher, you're sweet and sincere, if someone can't see that or doesn't care to hold onto that, then they've lost out.
If my woman were more like you, I'd be a happy man. I'd thank GOD every day. Hans

Anonymous said...

...he trembled for having hold of the most precious of all hearts, as do I, feel not worthy to hold such a gift. You are a likened spirit to the wind my love, to catch ahold of just a small piece of you is to touch beauty beyond all compare. Amazing, you truly are. I look at the image of you and see no pain, but great strength, a woman of great substance, staring fearless into the faces of life, showing all what true beauty really is. I am in awe of you, like it or not, deserve such or nor, you are a beautiful image of life beyond all others. I pray for you always kitten, I will never stop. I have placed you upon a pedestal to give the whole world the opportunity to witness such strength and beauty. They too are in awe.
All my love, hugs, and prayers for you Cher. I give them to you, freely from me.

...it is not who we are, but what we do that defines us.

I love you my beautiful friend.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful wonderful you, Cher!!

Anonymous said...

`~~~ Cherilyn, you are an angelic woman. Don't get any more tears in your brown eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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