Sunday, August 24, 2008

Time to move on with my life


A lot has been happening as of late. One thing to mention is that Stefan and I are getting married next weekend. Afterward I will finish what I am doing (as will he) and then we will have a formal wedding in Monterey, California next spring.

He and I have been best friends for a very long time, and have decided to become one even more so. It is the best thing to do--he is the one who really loves me inside and out, and he has done everything in his power to mend my heart, hold my hand and give me faith once more. :)


"I dedicate the song by the Eagles, "No More Cloudy Days" to you. For I have been out here lost and searchin' lookin' for a girl like you. I believe in you. Don't be afraid to fall in love again. Put your hand in mine. I would never make you cry, I would never make you blue, I would never let you down, I would never be untrue. No more stormy nights, no more cloudy days.

You are so beautiful in my eyes. Cher, I love you more at this moment than I did 1 hour ago. You are so incredible and I am so happy you are part of my life and I have this opportunity to love you as I do in this present existence. I am so looking forward to our future together.

Cher, I love you so much.

Yours always,


Stefan is a good person, stable, and he is kind. He is a publisher, director, producer, and promoter (as well as the owner of a magazine and other things) in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hollywood. The most important thing? Well, he has stood up, told me his feelings without fear, and has been the one consistent, non-elusive man in my life. He does not play games or act childish and confused. He is true to his heart, and that means a lot to me right now. He is love.

"Good Morning Baby!

I so loved spending the evening with you last night. It is so refreshing to know that someone loves you the way you love me. My desire is to be with you always.

We certainly covered a great deal of plans for our future last night. I truly hope this is what you want more than anything. Certainly we are making a big step and I feel it is in the right direction, I guess it is safe to say, "Why put off the inevitable?" I spoke to my sister regarding our decision and asked her what she thought, she says, "Do it!, I like Cher, and you know lil' Bryan would be happy too."

I promise to do everything it takes to make you happy and to know you are loved beyond measure. I will hold your hand and know you will hold mine. You are so beautiful and I love you for you.

Always my love,


Something nice to think about:

Stefan has a nephew who is 10. He told me I was his favorite and said he prays each night that I will become his "Aunt Cher". What a sweet boy, yes?

Anyway, I have to go to work right now, but will add more on this later. Looks like it is going to rain today,... I hope so, because I love the rain so much.

Me xo

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Anonymous said...


Let me be the first to say Congratulations to both you and Stephan. I want nothing more than for you to be happy, sounds like you're heading in the right direction. I am truly happy for you kitten.

...follow the heart always, and the smile will never disappear.

My love to you, my wishes for all the happiness your heart can handle.

...he is truly the luckiest of men.

Again, congratulations my friends.


Anonymous said...

What??? What about Victor?? Surely you still love him Cher. I dunno, but you seem reluctant to marry this other guy. Please be certain it's what you want.

My grandest wishes for your road in life, dear, but I'm wondering if it's the wrong choice......your heart must be so confused and hurt.

Jeremy said...

..................I think that man martin on your my space and you should be together. :o)

just my opinion.

Mia said...

Congratulations to you both, Cher !!!! :D

Mia said...

Congratulations to you both, Cher !!!! :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"What??? What about Victor?? " Victor is a stupid and blind fool. Obviously you haven't been reading along all these months...he lied to her, remember? The man never loved Cher as she deserved. I say, Good for Stefan! I'm sure he'll not only feel fortunate, but he'll love her the way any angel should be loved...wholeheartedly. A pat on the back to Stefan! :-)

Angelo said...

Read your facebook and read what stefan wrote. Married? A huge congrats girl,....he's a lucky man!

Oddur said...

Well, this is a surprise! If you are in love and this is really what you want, I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart :o)
I know you will look great in your wedding dress, next spring :o)
Hugs, Oddur

Mark said...

Woah! This guys worth a lot of money, Cher. =-) You go girl! Lolol, really, congratulations to you two! He's got himself an angel. =-)


ryan said...

cherilyn. i am happy to read this i am happy for you.

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Anonymous said...

cher dear, so nice to see you smile. congrats on your happy occasion!

by the way, I'd like to speak for cher if I may.... I know she must be especially busy during this time, so I'd like to ask that no one say wrongful things about victor. I'm positive cher wouldn't want that. please respect all involved.

:-) J

Gio said...



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