Thursday, May 22, 2008

... rosaries, and the soul.


I just returned from two appointments, and picking up required papers for my career. Curious how one can hear voices in their mind from past conversations, but cannot make out the words. That part is done, paperwork signed, and one heart going up against the world. We will see what happens. Am I frightened? Only a select few know when I am really fearful. I like it that way, I think.

(Curious how one can heal so many wounds in others. How one can bring smiles to the ill, and kiss their tears away with gentle hands. But one cannot mend their own broken heart.) - Random thought.

You know, I am far from perfect. In fact, I have so much that I need to change. Once realizing this, I am on the path to becoming who I really am. That is a good thing. It is never too late to make mistakes lessons. And within that, a part of the past. (Forgiveness is the key, yes?) "A feather trail to a better way..."

Anyway, this morning while on the phone, the sky opened up once again from gray, to blue. It did this right above my flat. That is the second time in two days. And, not only did it open, but it did as soon as the first "Ciao" was spoken. (This time I have images.) Well, I once again sent a mental image through the phone. It was indeed a photograph from within the soul.



I told them that they must be a conductor. That they played a symphony within the sky. We spoke on many subjects, none without a bit of laughter and warm words. Afterward, some of the most precious piano music was played. And as one tear fell against my cheek, I smiled. I really, really smiled.


3 comments to Cher:

L.G. said...

.....and a beautiful smile it must've been, Cher. Congrats on your achievements. I'm one who knew you'd make it. I'm also sure he who broke your kind heart will make's practically impossible not to want to....a woman like you is hard to find, Cher, that's obvious.

Many good days to come to you! Lorenzo G.

Chris Chris Chris Chris said...

BRAT :-), Hehehe, what's up? I finally found this blog, Cher and all I can say is..... wow!

I know you're away right now taking care of that pretty little heart and soul but I dropped by to wish you all the best. I hope you come home soon.

Take care of that heart and your health, Cher. We need you smiling again. And no more damn tears..... you must've been the best he's ever had...... ALL HE'S EVER HAD, and he'll regret what he's given up. If not, there are so many damn guys waiting just to get some attention from you. Remember those words, Cher.

Ooooh, I almost forgot, congratulations girl!!! Now you can be a "P.A. brat"in your new AUDI! Have you seen it yet? It's waiting there for you. Lucky!!!!!

I was talking to Jeremy last night at work. He informed me of your job offer. Yeah, I'm jealous, that's a hell of a lot of money for one brat to get each year so you'd need to share with me..... hehe! ;-)

Anywho, call me when you get back from Philly. I want to hear all about your trip and the outcome. Chris

Sarah Moretta said...

It was a deep pleasure to meet you the other night, Cherilyn. We have tremendous gratitude for your heart, your smile, your hand. And especially for being there for our child. You'll never be forgotten.

Kenneth and Sarah


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