Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Listening to music and the rain


Yesterday morning, after one phone call with a friend, I stood at my window while on the phone again (not the same person). We listened to the birds sing. Then we heard this bird who always used to sing when we spoke. We decided to name him. I chose "Mathew".

We counted trees, and spoke about the many different types. I said how it felt like autumn. They assured me it was indeed spring.

The sounds of our voices and the sounds of spring, were comforting. Everything was damp from a previous rain, and seemed calm. We laughed, spoke of past times, and sent soul hugs. Well, he said he would send his soul if he could. But it is already here, intertwined with mine.

Then, last evening while on the phone, the sky opened up and a bright light shone through the trees. The rest of the sky was very black and stormy. During this, the rain kept on. I should have taken a photograph. I did send a mental image through the phone, so they could see what my eyes were seeing.

Curious, my eyes have been so wet themselves, I wonder how they can see anything. If I could see one thing right now,... it would be the ocean. I would sit before it and stare out for hours. Just to feel the salty air through my hair, would be like another soul hug. (Just a random thought.)

Today is a big day for me. I finally reached something I have striven for since I can remember. I will miss it. (2 doctor's appointments that I just found out about. One appointment was supposed to be early today, but has been moved to my 1pm again.)

One second I would not miss my big day, now I will. Eh. I know that I am being vague. Sorry for that. I am not really in the mood to write in here at the moment. I had it open since last night, but fell asleep at 9pm! I slept all through the night. I needed it. Curious, now I feel extremely sleepy!

Tomorrow hopefully will go smoothly. If not, well I do not know. (I will be in Philadelphia.)

It is raining today, as well. I miss Stefan tremendously. I feel like going for a walk, but am still in my pajamas. Seriously, I just cannot get moving today.

Well, I must get more coffee and get into the shower. Today is here.

A big hug,


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so beautiful


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