Monday, May 12, 2008

Updates and other fine things ;)

Ciao, ciao!


(An image I took.) :) Flowers are always good for a smile!

Updates are as follows:


Well, had an inservice over the weekend. It was quite a good one. The one thing I always feel when going to these is that they are repetitive. I have been to the OSHA one at least 15 times!!! ;) But this one was quite interesting. It lasted about an hour, and it was mainly on universal precautions. What I like about this one is that the video is so funny!!! We all laugh and laugh at the actors!! ;)

So, yeah, that was fun. :) (Eh, I am a brat. What else is new.) :)

Moving on:

Today was long and exhausting. Clinical fun that is killing all living things inside me. Almost finished with that, thank God! It is so cold today too! Victor made sure I was wrapped as an onion when I went out. I am grateful, because I can catch a cold so easily. I am already a bit sick with something similar to a cold in my sinuses.

I had a test done today, also had my hair done, eye brows waxed, and a peer and I used a local agent to numb my toe, as to cut out a lump in-between my toes using a scalpel. (An anatomical dissection, you might say!) Hey, we are experienced! :) (Ok, 2 people who would pass out over this information? Raha, one of my best friends and a podiatrist, and of course, Victor!) Haha! Everyone else would most definitely cheer us on! But what we really need is a lab rat. Anyone want to offer themselves for our cause? ;)

Really, it did not hurt so much. But I am oh so waiting to cut something from her now! Anyway, an interesting day indeed! And it will get better at 7pm. (Long story.)... and yes, I am like the Energizer rabbit; I just keep going! Trust me, I will sleep so well tonight! :)

Victor sent me something in the mail. I smiled so much! You all know how I like his image that I added to my blog here last year? (I will add the image again.) Well, he had it put onto a shirt for me and sent it to my home. So sweet! I love it a lot. I will wear it so many times when the weather warms.

(He also sent me a photography book with his images, and a dedication to me in the cover! It brought tears to my eyes.) What a sweetheart! I love him! :)


That image is my most favorite out of all I have ever seen (including my own). :)

(Grazie, bambino!)

So, I am having a busy, but productive day! And all along it? I seem to be smiling no matter what. I am glad.

Anyway, I am on the phone with my friend, Auggie (he just called, and I am finding that I am losing my train of thought here), so I will leave this blog for now.

Have a wonderful week! :)


p.s. thank you for all the email, comments, hugs, and well wishes! I appreciate it!!

2 comments to Cher:

E said...

Sweet Cher, spending time with you was my pleasure. You're a beautiful girl, & I'm counting the seconds until we're hanging out again!


P.S. I still owe you dinner!!

E said...


Let me know if you're into going to that play. I really want to make you smile some more, amica. Your laughter makes this place a better world.


A kiss on that cheek of yours,



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