Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The scent of coconut/lime fills the air...


Today has begun. The sounds of people on their way to work, come in through the window, mixing with music and the scent of coconut/lime, filling my warm flat sweetly.

I sit here, coffee in hand, preparing my appointments for the week. (... I have to take a 2 hr ride today for something.) I woke with sharp pains in my chest. Not sure from which point they came from anymore. My heart is sore, sad, and such.

I sent a prayer to the sky yesterday. I prayed for the most important things. One thing was a kiss to my heart. I suppose it could be like a jump start. (You know, when an automobile's battery has weakened and you need something to bring it back to life?) Or perhaps just a soft cuddle to make it smile? Not sure at the moment my exact words or thoughts as I prayed. I guess I was frightened.

I recall being frightened about something one night. Victor stayed on the phone with me for most of the night. That is the kind of person he is. And on the one year anniversary of my sister's death, he had plans for that weekend, but canceled to stay with me and hold my hand. He never let go of my hand either.

He has the power to take my breath away one moment, (in a good way)... and make it so I cannot breathe the next. Of course, the second would never be on purpose, be sure.

A random thought: (completely off topic... )

I begin my new position this week. I know it will be something really great. I smile to myself thinking of holding other's hands. I smile hoping that I can make a difference in other's lives. I will hug them all.

It takes a lot to get me overworked or stressed during my profession. So, I know my patience will be as it always is,... calm and with heart.


Anyway, not sure if I feel sad at the moment. I just know that I will not allow it to take over my day today. I know this, because the sun is shining on my bare shoulders right now as I type. It is a sort of hug to the soul, I guess. One that leaves no room for a frown. It is in this very moment, when I must lean further into its light, take a deep breath, and make this day a good one. (Not just for me, but for all who cross my path in any way.)

Sending a very big hug to you all.


2 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

And a big hug to you too, Cher!!!! Make that smile of yours open the eyes of the world to a softness only you can share!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

...it wasn't just the sunlight on your shoulders kitten. I was there too, giving warm soft kisses to your heart in hopes that they will help mend the pieces back together.

...if nothing else, I still have silly putty and super glue, just for you!!

...that's why I am here, for you.


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