Monday, September 18, 2006

Contemplations or something like that

I sit here in slippers and smile. (I, for the life of me cannot figure out why I wear them. I adore going barefoot. I think it is because I stepped on a cat toy the other night that sent me flying into the next room. it was horrible, but funny now, I think.) yes, I am smiling and as my friend matt said, "seemingly solid". I suppose I am in a lot of ways. content is more like it. I feel living inside, vibrant, ready for anything. my eyes feel as if they are glowing. I cannot explain it.

I went to an inservice today on I.V. Therapy. let me just say that inservices are no fun, but if you are in the medical field, you need the hours. sometimes, I go to ones that are a bit boring, like OSHA. but it has to be done and seriously, it is not that bad. esp when you can come home, kick off your shoes, turn on "Stranglehold" and dance around as you try to change clothes.

(there is something exciting, almost sexual to the music that Ted Nugent plays there.)

I adore music - it takes one to the ultimate place. I enjoy all sorts of music - for instance, "Take me to the top" is extremely sexy. Loverboy sings that. (I heard the lead singer passed on a few years ago in a drowning. v sad indeed.) I like a few of their songs, but that one is my favorite.

so, I come home those two songs play one after the other and I am in an odd, but v delightful mood. not to mention my email today from a respected writer. (was better than neruda.)

my thoughts are scattered today - so much going on, that I am waiting on, hoping on, and such. I think I will write a bit, then reply to my email. but first, turn up "Take me to the top" on my Live Digital and dance. why not?

"Just give me your hand, hold it out, close your eyes, move up close to me... "

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