Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What friends are for

been a bit busy being in the hospital, but I have been home since yesterday. it was a v trying time. I did receive a wonderful warmth here:

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some really great friends. I am appreciate that. the way the members came together like that shows you what true friends are. I will not forget that. anyway, I am ok for the time being. I am dealing with some other things that are so unbelievable, though. and although my heart is weak at the moment, I will not let anyone or anything crush it completely. eh.

*a special thanks to all who called me today... I am still smiling. is odd, on the phone today I noticed that a friend sounds just like one of my best friends. even his laughter. that made me smile. here is a photo of him: (I could of fixed up the photo and removed the spot, but am so sleepy)

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he graduated med school ahead of me and is in foot/ankle reconstruction. we had a long talk the other night (and I am so bad about staying in contact) and we sorted through our lives and what we had hoped a long time ago would happen - we planned road trips and such, but we both had gotten much too busy. I miss him. I suppose I will call him tomorrow. no - I will and I will be a better friend.

well, it is late and I am tired. sweet dreams to my fellow poets, photographers, and the like. xo

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