Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A survey of sorts

Name 3 sexy songs.
crash - dave mathews, la passion - gigi d'agostino, erotica - madonna

What did you eat for breakfast?
honestly? 1 fig newton (in which I dislike) and a half glass of pepsi (in which I dislike) so I do not know why I chose those.

What are you most passionate about?
the sea, I think. it has to be the biggest turn on for me. it can leave you breathless one minute and take your last breath the next.

Name 1 song that is a turnoff.
love shack - b52s

Name a favorite line from a song.
“you have my heart, so don’t hurt me” – the cranberries

Name a crazy job.
my uncle louie is and has been the head guy at san quentin (in the death row area). crazy.

Name 3 writing influences.
neruda is a big influence - his work is sensual and I love the story behind his love poems. If he were alive, I might have written him love letters, charmed him into my slave, captured him, and made him write poetry all over the walls. ;)

gary sullivan - similar to neruda, but in letter form w/nada (another fabulous writer). I also like his format, other poetry, and humor. I have tried his format, but I am still 'young' at it and need to work harder, or have more patience. gary is quickly becoming a friend in which I have the highest admiration for. (Not sure as to say 'friend', 'associate', or another term - so I will just say 'friend', because that is how I see him.) I wish I could say that about neruda. don't we all? both great writers nonetheless.

gustaf sobin would be the 3rd - he is similar to the other 2 - his format and passion for what he believed in drew me into his work immediately. I love his format and his uniqueness. When I first came across him, I googled everything I could and read until 4 in the morning. such a great writer. all three are beautiful in different ways.

although they are influences, I have so much more to learn in order to get anywhere with my own work.
gosh... I hate to leave anyone out... I truly value all my favorite poets and friends.

What path did you take to your current career?
my first job was as a lifeguard. I loved helping others. most of my family is in medicine. so, I wanted to become a child psychologist, studied a bit and went into electronics instead. after I learned color codes etc, I felt bored and went into emergency medicine completely.

Why don't women like nice guys? they do not? I do. I like a smart man, a nice man, and sometimes a man that can be naughty. I like a variety actually - from a guy with a tattoo, to a guy that goes to confession (or both). I have not had a lot of dating experiences –
4 long term relationships and a 6 or 7 month one. what do I know?

What did you do today?
well the day is not over, but I had a half day at work, wrote a bit, and did a bit of kickboxing (I am trying to strengthen my heart).

What is your opinion on today's children?
hmm... I suppose they are different from the way I was as far as video games and whatnot. I was never home. I built forts, played hide and go seek, and explored. Plus some are violent (I am not really into guns). I feel sorry for the ones near the war---seems they have lost their childhood.

Were you shy in High School?
not really. I hated to be home for reasons that I will keep to myself, so I threw myself into track, cheer, student council, yearbook, and the sort. I loved to run the most. I was shy to a point of not dating until I was much older.

Do you like comics or humor?
Yes, v much. I like all sorts of comics. As far as humor – I think it is important for me as far as a partner is concerned.

Who was your first love?
wow, I suppose it was my first b/f. he was/is a dj for a radio station. the entire idea of dating such a well known, pulled me in (I thought I was cool - although it took me forever to even agree to a first date). I later found him to be arrogant. perhaps he was not "my first love".
I do not think I have met my first love yet. I do not know, love is hard to understand.

Are you wild or are you tame?
hard question. I am pretty reserved. my passion comes out in my poetry, I suppose. I like the idea of being wild. wild as in how? hmm...

What was the dumbest thing you have done?
believed silly little love lies.

Will you/have you find your prince charming or princess?
I do not believe in fairy tales anymore.

Name 3 favorite cities.
easy - san francisco, NY, and Milan

Name 3 fantasies.
love on a rooftop in manhattan. I only have one.

Have you played out your fantasies?

What are you wearing?
A pair of jeans, a cream-colored turtle neck, and slippers.
(not too sexy)

Did you vote for Bush?
I had to work, so no.

What was a favorite childhood book?
the mouse and the motorcycle

Name a sexy fruit.

Have you ever had fried bologna sandwich
or deep fried potato sandwich with butter?

no and they sound disgusting. haha

Name a sexy T.V. star.
well he is fiction, but tony soprano. I love a man in charge. ;)

Name a musical influence.
gigi d' agostino - he is an Italin dj from Milan. he is not really an influence, since I only play piano and keyboards and have not tried to play his work. shrug.

What turns you off?
being told that I am beautiful excessively, braggers, liver, mean people

What turns you on?
coconut/lime spray from bed, bath & body, smart men, a sexy laugh, the sea

Who would you like to meet?
as long as they are not a jerry springer candidate - I do not care.

What'll come out of these questions?
an ending? I do not know - perhaps I will be reminded that I have too much time on my hands right now. ;)

What will you do after you've answered these?
hmmm... check my email, run an errand, listen to songs on a web site of mine, and perhaps work on photos. I am not sure.

Last question.....where were you born and do you still live there?
I was born in northern, Ca. I lived in Bodega Bay, Sonoma etc as a child. no, I am not there at the moment.

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