Monday, September 11, 2006

Good God

Heaven knows, I have to laugh at myself right now. I am such a dork (insert being a dork for saying "dork" as well). You know (or not), sometimes I think I can be smooth, well sort of smooth as far as people are concerned. But there are these other times that no matter what you say or want to say, you come out looking like a 16 yr old girl in front of Keanu Reeves - so flustered that you cannot say a dang thing right! Haha, that is me.

Although it is strangely exciting, I need to run to the nearest phone booth and not, change into some red suit, but drink down whatever it was that Alice had. I just hope it lengthens the time I have to be much cooler and not my legs. ;) Anyway, yea, I am seriously a fraidycat when it comes to writing/talking to certain people.

In other news, I will be interviewd on a podcast (details coming soon), I am taking another trip to NY soon, and I went shooting this weekend. During my trip to go shooting, it rained on and off. (I simply love the scent of rain.) I had to lie on pine needles to get some of the shots, bit it was ok - I took some of waterfalls, plants, and the sort. But it began to rain again as I sat up to change lenses. I had to pack up to leave, but wanted to sit there for hours with the rain coming through the trees. The forest was a bit dark before the storm, the sounds of the waterfall seemed to echo it perfectly.

I wish I could have brought back a photo of it all, but one could never capture something like that... you just have to be there. I came back to my flat with 20 or so photos, but just being there was worth each second. I would have stayed longer, but the walk back to the car was quite a distance, and I could not risk my camera equipment being ruined.

Ok, let me resize a photo from this past weekend, so you can imagine being there with me. It is such a beautiful place. ciao.

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