Sunday, September 09, 2007


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she is one of my best friends and such a good one. between dawn and jo... I am so grateful.

anyway, here is something she gave me just now...

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the lyrics:

don’t mind if you stay longer You have not been any trouble I don’t want you to go home yet Can you just stay ten more minutes You are my best friend I don’t know how I’d live How I love you every square inch Love your brown eyes your forgiveness Don’t go home now it’s past midnight You can sleep here we’ll have breakfast You are my greatest gift I don’t know how I’d live You are my saving grace You are my heart my true friend

and her words..

For my best friend, Cher!!! I love you more than you could possibly imagine!! Thank you for everything!!!! I love you, all of you head to toe ~ heart to soul!! You are my heart, my true friend!! Love always, Dawn

dawn, you are such a beautiful friend. on some days, I do not know how I would make it without your warmth and tenderness. you come by and your smile had me forgetting any other mood I may have been in. you are a true angel.

I am so thankful for the friendships I have been given. thank you, dawn. I love you, too. very, very much.

1 comments to Cher:

Dawn said...

Your friendship is a Blessing, one in which to the depth I am thankful for. You are forever a part of me. My love for you in no way could be measured, because I am contanstly overflowing. You mean everything to me and I always want you to know that to the fullest. Each day, I draw closer to you and my love keeps expanding. You are the angel, that gives me your wings on the days I feel like I have not an ounce of strength to fly. You are the sun, that shines on me when I feel I am surrounded by utmost darkness. You are the rain, that falls on me soaking me letting me know that your love will always fall down on me. You are the wind, always whispering I love you. Thank you for your beautiful friendship, my best friend! Yesterday, today, forever ~ Loving You!! Hugs, Dawn


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