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Answer to the best of your knowledge!

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1. Name 4 pet peeves.

1. impatience
2. when people do not put a space after a period. (I have no idea why that bothers me.) example: Susie plays house with Billy.Billy...
3. a woman with a trucker's mouth, chews gum with her mouth open, or one who spits ::shudders::
4. a woman who cannot seem to find anything else to wear, but a skimpy skirt - even in a blizzard. I (ALMOST) want to take her shopping. ;)
5. brats. oh, wait... no.

3 Sexy songs...?

1. Into your eyes - angel one
2. Crash into me - DMB
3. Anything Italian

4. Name a favorite food.
A salad w/ boneless chicken

5. Do you dance?
Yes. I actually won a dance contest at a club once. Do you? ;)

6. Have any favorite places?
The ocean, the ocean, and the ocean. :)

7. Have you ever saved a life?

Yes -- it is my career

8. If so, when?

One that stands out is when an 18 yr old boy crashed his motorcycle in 2000. I passed the accident scene and turned around. A small crowd was gathering, but for some reason, not doing much. I (I know it is a bit gross) pulled of my socks to apply pressure to a wound in his abdomen, sat behind him, and gently pulled him to my chest. He kept trying to get up, so I whispered to him and told him how loved he was by his family. (I did not know what else to say.)

He passed away a few minutes later. I did not actually save his life, but I hope I made his last few minutes a bit easier.

9. What's some of things you notice right off in the opposite sex?

intelligence, a sense of humor, confidence

10. Do you own a pool?
I have in the past.

11. Name The last 5 places you've traveled.

Over seas or in the US? Italy, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and N.Y.. also, a few places to shoot photography; Point Reyes, N.J, Bodega Bay....

12. Most overused internet jargon?
LOL, LMAO - - never have used them

13. Do you have a favorite quote?
A few, esp. this one... Tutto è permesso in guerra ed in amore!

14. Ever been in an accident?
Yes, once--involved my best friend, her boyfriend's bmw, and a tree.

15. What is the perfect date?

A walk along the beach

16. If you could hang out with a famous person, who'd it be?
Pablo Neruda

17. Ever hurt someone?
Is this a trick question? Hurt how? I broke a guy's wrist once kick boxing.

18. Are you promiscuous?
I do not think so

19. Where's your dream destination?
Well, Italy (went in 2002) would be one, but I adore Carmel, California

20. If you could change careers, would you?

I always wanted to be an oceanographer. I have put too much into the medical field to change now.

21. When was the last time you made out?
Made out with what? Cash? Haha! Okay, it has been some time.

22. Have you ever dated more than one person at a time?
No. Should I add that to my personal goals?

23. Do you believe in love?

24. Have a wish list?
No, I think they are tacky to put up in public (unless it is related to a wedding.)

25. Ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?

26. Are you passionate?
Yes - it drives me mad at times.

27. What makes you happy?
A fog horn in the distance, the sea, a lot of things.

28. What do you drive?
A Sonata, but have been told recently, I am going to be taught about cars, and what is cool and what is not. (Apparently, a Sonata is nerdy.) ;)

29. Any hobbies?
Sure. You?

30. Have you ever stolen anything?
Besides hearts? (I kid!) Not that I recall. Should I have?

31. Favorite fast food joint.
Hmm... none really. Starbuck's, but that is for my cappuccino.

32. Do you own any fishing gear?
No, but I can fish! (I do tend to cast a lot.) Seriously, ALOT. ;)

32. Do you remember your first kiss?

Sure. I was about 1 minute old--the doctor kissed my cheek and said, "Yep. she is going to be a brat!"

33. Do you like kites?
Oh my gosh, 33 (is it not over yet?)

34. Are you emo?

Uh, I do not think so

35. Name something that's too large on your body.
Um, the top portion of my body (in the vicinity of 36th and York) ;)

36. Ever kissed a pet?
Silly question--they are all my pets. ;)

37. What color is your carpet?
I like tile. what is with these questions?

38. Do you know anyone in Kansas?
Hmm... Dorothy? Oh, and her little dog, too.

39. Do you like the rain?
Very much

40. Ever join the mile high club?
No, but I was in all the clubs in school. (I do not think that was one of them.) ;)

I am done replying to these for a bit-- not much more to know about me, I suppose. Not much more to say... I can be pretty boring. ;)

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