Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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since I added two other best friends, I figure he deserves some attention. where to begin?

well, I am not always a good friend to him. I disappear for days at at time, then we talk on the phone to catch up, he confronts me on being elusive, I justify myself, he shakes his head, and we are good again. anyway, I love that image of him, because it shows how hard he works. he is a podiatrist, now working out of Dallas. his brother is a doctor as well, but not sure if he is in Miami or Texas now.

by the way, I have an image of him up at my myspace, it is in the "My heroes" area.

he and I make a great team. once we had planned a road trip. we would talk about all the things we would pack, laugh, and add more silly things to the list, like squirrel hats (for traveling through the Ozarks). we always found time to laugh as we went through med school. the last time we spoke on the phone, we were going to hang out, but I went to Rhode Island. he joined me since on a site, but we just get too busy to talk much anymore. I miss him.

whenever I felt sad over a boyfriend, I would call him. he always said he would come running. he has a heart of gold. he told me last year, "You know, Cher, all my ex-girfriends were jealous of you." I did not know what to say. I mean, why? I suppose some women get that way when a loved one has friends of the opposite sex, yea? I do not know.

I showed him a poem I had written (not sure if it is posted in my blog) and he commented so sweetly. he has always enjoyed reading my work and would ask me to send him something when exhausted. he has supported everything I have ever done. (he is a writer too, btw.)

when I get my act together, and stop being so elusive, I am going to give him the biggest hug, tell him how much I love him, and that he is not only my best friend, but my hero.

I have written about 3 and plan on adding more here and there, as I post into my blog in the future.

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