Monday, September 08, 2008

C'est la vie


It is so odd how once a woman gets married (or engaged) her male friends seem to drop of the face of the planet. Stefan and I have discussed this and came to the obvious reason, they must have never been true friends. I assume they only wanted to date me, and when they found out I was to marry, all their words of friendship and care ceased. Hmm,... I would think that if someone truly cared for another they would want only happiness for that person, even if that person found it elsewhere, yes?

No matter, I guess, because I still have male friends that are real friends--even my ex boyfriends congratulated us both (well, not Victor, and he was supposed to be one of my best friends, but he dropped off the face of the planet two months ago or so).

I have my most wonderful husband. ... that alone makes this heart of mine feel more love than ever before. No one knows me like he does. It just took me awhile to realize it, I was so clouded in what I thought love should be, and he waiting patiently until I came to my senses. He is love.


Stefan is all I could ever dream: he is beautiful inside and out, funny, sweet, he makes love to me like no one ever has, is extremely sexy and intellectual, is giving, loving, has the most precious kisses, has been one of my best friends for such a long time, loves San Francisco as much as I do, is reliable, courageous, a hero, strong, and most of all, he is consistent and warm. I absolutely adore him.

It is so nice to feel complete and elated. I thank God for what I have.

Hugs to you all (especially the friends that remain as they always were),

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Gio said...

Don't worry, bella. =)

Dawn said...

I am so HAPPY and there are
just not enough words to
express to you as to just
how happy I am for you Cher!
I give thanks to GOD above
for bringing you together
and I ask Him to pour
blessings over you both
to the depths day in and day out.

All my love,



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