Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Power of Composition


(To Stefan)

Here beneath the clouded blue, we place soft hands
together— an applause before the sea, like two ships
that set sail into the horizon.

Here we join and touch lips, fingertip to fingertip, we
sing to the rhythm of a new song— buoyant on the blue,
our souls become one.

Here, my love, we slip into a new autumn, what is
ours, divine—exquisitely intact, where voice is poetry
that the breeze blends into the skin, softly into the bone.

Here, you are my tutor,... touch me gently, show me
all that is true. Feel the contour, beloved—thus is utter

And as we release the butterflies from the sweetened
tongue, the waves swallow our toes like gentle stars
kissed by the night, where we compose the photograph,
our hearts, anchors reaching toward the shore.

First draft

5 comments to Cher:

Lorenzo said...

Brilliant romanticism, Cher. Lorenzo

Stefan said...

If your love grows ever more so, I shall require an enlarged heart to contain all you proffer. You fill my life with boundless and far-reaching love like nothing I have known.

I am blessed to have this lifetime to love you. I give you all that I am and all I will become. Twin souls permeating the universe will shall always be.

I love you, Cher... completely


Stefan said...

Hmm... I am pretty sure that the "will" in my comment above would have been typed "we" had I not been so into you at the moment I created the typo! Love you

Stefan said...

Sweet motion, a night of language spoken without speech,
Stretch forth your heart, touch true within me, seek my soul.
Savor flitting butterfly kisses of nectar sweet.

Universal One bring to me this sun, shine upon me her Autumn song. Spring forth and touch my soul, take my breath and bring to you its taste, its heat.

Love me as you love the season of your heart, taste my love upon your tongue, drink from me and know I am true. Touch where denial does not exist. Reach depths within, where the sea meets the shore.

Speak... nothing remains to utter, I drown myself in you, where the sea meets the shore.

I am so in love with you,

Your husband and best friend

Stefan said...

Amid harvestime falling colors swirling, Beauty awaits her breath.
O'er an ocean of deserts, plains, mountains of evergreen blankets to that golden distant sea, want stirs.
Come unto me, pursue my desire, come now to my embrace, taste quivering febrile lips exquisite, rapturous she whispers upon the breeze.

Solicitude seductive reaches his distant shore, dreams and slumber fall into the rising sun. Gentle wind encompassing, enchanting rush becoming, awakens passion wanton of another shore where Autumn paints hue vibrant seasons. Breathe deeply all wanting, sail across inhibitions and be free.

Hearts aflame permeate souls, lives spurned before life, unite, breathing one breath. Touch now the face of Beauty, fingers comb ringlets of bronze, draw from her breath life. Kiss lips of crimson, soft and trembling, lost in an abyss of ardent hunger, flesh pressing, Autumn's breeze ablaze upon a bed of fallen color, Beauty becomes one.

With all I am, I proffer you my life...
I love you, Sweetness.
Sleep well and dream sweet. I appreciate you, adore you, thank you for the gentle way you care for my heart... you stole my heart long before words and we were flesh.

Your See-Saw, best friend, lover, and husband.


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