Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ciao brats :)

What a long week! Stefan is in Hollywood doing things for the Emmy Awards and other things. I hope he comes home soon. I miss his hugs and kisses. :) He is such a great husband, and so loving. And I adore his sister so very much! You know, she reminds me of my own sister,... and having a sister again, makes my heart breathe a gentle sigh. I love her.

Real quick: Sorry for whomever tried to call me yesterday--I have the new Blackberry Pearl 8120 (in silver) and still have no idea to work it. ;)I have figured out how to answer it now, finally. :)

Stayed at The Raddisson Station Hotel the other night. It is such a calming place. We were on the 6th floor and had such a beautiful view of the city. Here are a few images I took:



I better go for now, because I am multi-tasking and have lost my train of thought.

Have a beautiful weekend! :)

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Anonymous said...

beautiful words cher


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