Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Runaway With My Heart

I wanted to add a little something today. :)

Today is a good day, because I am married to the world's most sweetest man. I must say, he truly knows how to love me inside and out. He never lets a day pass without showing me his affection. Each day he tells me he is in love, laughs with me, holds deep conversations, and we can talk about anything or sort anything out. I am truly blessed.

Sadly, he has to go to the Emmy Awards, but hopefully we will be back in each others arms soon. I already miss him.

You know, he healed my broken heart. How? Well, he listened, loved and gently kissed it back in place--piece by piece. He is so courageous, as well. I mean, he would go any distance for our love, and has proven it time and time again. I adore him, his family, and his precious ways.

In other news, I have been sorting this to donate to the Salvation Army, cleaning, working and other things. Life is good. :)

Oh and, I have to say,...

AUTUMN IS HERE!!! :) :) :) ... gosh, my heart goes into overjoy during this season.


(An image I took last autumn.)

Yep, all is good in this lil' Italian's life. I hope all is well with yours too!

Big, big hugs,

1 comments to Cher:

Dawn said...

My heart is overjoyed in that
your heart is, for always that
is my desire for you! I am
beyond words happy for
you and Stefan!

What a beautiful season,
my favorite, that we are in
and I know you are flying ever
so high and may your feet always
stay off the ground. I love you
my beautiful best friend with
all this heart of mine.

Hugs, Dawn


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