Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Early Morning Thoughts


(An image I shot during a foggy afternoon.)

Last night, Stefan and I went for a long walk...it was very nice. It had rained, so the streets glistened beneath the street lights. One thing I have always loved is the scent of rain...walking hand in hand made it even more beautiful.

I have been busy for the most part trying to schedule models for photo shoots, working, working on photographs, and everything in-between. Stefan has been busy, as well, but made a wonderful Indian dinner last night that was absolutely delicious. (He also made some Japanese dinners a few times, Shrimp Bisque, and what is my new favorite, seafood gumbo. Being Cajun, it was spicy, with crab, shrimp and so much more...it was one of the best dinners I have ever had.)

Anyway, it is early here and very foggy. I almost want to get my camera and go get a few photographs, but I am having coffee and trying to wake some still. :) I must say, I adore waking to such a sweet face each morning,... I am blessed.

1 comments to Cher:

stefan said...

Thank you Cher for the wonderful sentiments. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk we had, it was one of the finest moments with you and I think of it even today.

Naturally, I enjoy cooking and nothing brings me greater joy than to cook for those I love, moreso when it is for you. Even Sara liked the Cajun food!

I love the many ways you love me and it is an intense comfort to my spirit to know that you do. I am fortunate to be loved so much. It is the best of love and the greatest I have known...ever.

Your smile makes me smile and your adoration for me, increases my adoration for you. You give so much of yourself to me, for me I am blessed.

I regret not that I found you. Look beyond all else and seek deep within my soul the love that lies within me for you.

Never has my love for anyone been displayed so publicly, much lest for the world to know, you make that easy for me, simply because I truly love you and I want the world to know.

Always your soul, my greatest love for you,



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