Friday, November 21, 2008

I never thought,...

I would actually hold all I have ever desired. Actually, I hold so much more--a completeness only he can bring. I can be moody, bratty, happy, sad, kind and warmhearted,...

... but I could never be more beautiful than I am when he looks into my eyes.

And even though I make many mistakes and have so much to learn, I know I will continue to grow into something even more beautiful; the one who he kisses goodnight at an older age. I am blessed.


2 comments to Cher:

amanda m. said...

I can tell this is true.
You have been posting real pictures of yourself.
You are no longer hiding.


Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

Thank you, Amanda. :)

Yes, I do not texture or anything much. Also, my style has changed a lot since 2000 or so--I am less into those sort of images.

And the thing with Victor and I, I just did not like too many of his portrait or candid shots,... I guess I never really could have cared for him.

With Stefan, if I see his smile, I get my camera out, because it truly makes my heart happy and I want to capture that moment forever. Then I post his sweet smile everywhere, so it is one of the first things I see when online. ;)

... funny, I guess that is what happens marrying someone who is a photographer! ;)

Hugs and love,


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