Sunday, October 07, 2007

A full-mouthed brava

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Oh, tesoro,
I madden when we cannot speak—
the soft,
landscape of your eyes
(forgive me)
could split fields
zephyr in spring.

They rise
fall in
or when one feels
like push or pull, or the slip of
hand beneath the moon—

forget the feel of rain,
silence, the Italian of my mouth.

It has come down to here
and now,
the wick of my voice
in the distant breeze.

You are the soft of fruit,
liquid, pinned
along the horizon, where no one
is listening,
a mixture
of photographs
in the mind.

And I will drink while women stir,
whisper on the wire,
wide eyed fixed on words,
written for me.

I want you to hear my poetry,
to pause,
to toss photographs in the fire—
I am
not her!
I do not buy French sleepers
to weep in.

I am but a girl—sweet breath,
And I will cr awl amongst
the rose
in which you
plant with perfect form,
lie still
in absolute
and await with no harbored blush.

5 comments to Cher:

Matthew Rounsville said...

Hi, Cherest.

Sensual as can be, the sort I have to read quickly to not let some words stand out too much. You're such a Diotima of poets. The light firmness of emotional conviction. Nocturnal, elemental--that's the strange part of your writing. How the imagery can be so vast at times while the emotions/situations are usually extremely intimate (a vastness of its own, lacking perimeter). A completely evoked world arising from the passions.

Is this a revision of something? I remember "tresor" (because there is a Bulgarian cigarette called that) distinctly in one of your poems before.

Hope things are going great for you.

Anonymous said...

bella as always


Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

thank you both,... love you both. I really appreciate your coming and taking the time to show how much you care. I really do.



"is this a revision of something? I remember "tresor" (because there is a Bulgarian cigarette called that) distinctly in one of your poems before."

"tesoro" is a pet name for people you care about, it means "treasure". xoxo

Matthew Rounsville said...

so tresoro, then, would be a pet name for people you're addicted to, may cause long term health damage, but, for the moment, are a relief?


Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

HAHA! tesoro can be a friend or loved one. it can cause damage, as well. ;)

love you, my silly friend.


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