Friday, October 12, 2007

Perfection of the imperfection

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"That name matched completely with what I think. I am not perfect at all, as I don't think perfection exists in this world. There can be good things, or adequate or inadequate. But not perfect, as it is impossible to cover all situations, or to not to have things we need to learn

As I am not perfect, I cannot ask anyone else for perfection.
So, here comes that I accept imperfections.

And then comes love:

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It is beautiful to love others "perfections", or nice things. But that's not all. There are these imperfections. Love really comes, when even these imperfections are loved. We all have parts in our personalities, that we don't like so much. That we might like to improve. Quite probably, these are our imperfections. There's nothing more beautiful than the help of another to overcome them with Love.

Lots of love.

And it is here, in this effort for love, where perfection comes, as there is really one perfect thing: love... perfection of the imperfection. Thanks to our imperfections, we fight more for love, finding it really deep. And finding the meaning of 'forever'."

My wish is, that everyone has someone like them close at heart, it can only enhance life's pathways. :)

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