Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Letter While I Am Away

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It is late. My hands are fireflies—
they suffuse and ignite your Autumn
to rain.

This spilling, made fresh by the ache
of my mouth— a bounty to serve
your skin another season.

Softness gathers at your hip, blesses
the dead trees that will come with
a late winter.

The song is not sorrowful.

I write in hopes that distance slips
from your palm. I note white-covered
crags that hang from your sea:

wool-coated offspring that plow along
the shore—a starfish or two, quiescent
in the tide.

Does this intention unfasten the heat
from your horizon?

Come, carry me to you—I want to cool
your breath with the wetness of

I do not wish to be here any longer.
This conurbation is a breast of lonely
cognoscenti and violinists that drift

until dawn—they gather solitude, spread
it thick like the clouds when you
are not near.

I need you—I stand in these drift tunnels
unable to move. I tug at the edge of my
heart in hopes of reprieve.

5 comments to Cher:

Matthew Rounsville said...

There is always a timeless context to your verse, and, were I not to know you, I would wonder if you were alive now, if these things hadn't been written, in private, at any time in a small but lavishly-placed home near a sanctuary and an expanse of virgin nature. Turning an analytical (and fantastical) eye towards your verse I often try to determine its sources--from what lands could this have arisen?--am carried from Japan to Europe to the night--but, in the end, my wanderings are always superficial.
Past these, 2 things always strike me: the transformation of nature and the body, a boundlessness evoked from the cooperation of boundaries; and your voice, like one can only imagine Dante's Beatrice to be, soft and pliant, yet always with the strength that only awareness can bring.

Dawn said...

Your words are sweet like honey, words that fill the inward hunger and they are from the depths, holding every emotion wrapped around them. The passion that you write under, uncovers the path that desires to be tread upon. For when you speak, I hear nothing; no one at all but you. Even before you bring pen to paper, my heart speaks to me in a language that interprets.

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

you both are so very kind. I truly appreciate each word. I am at a loss myself, so I will just say that I love you both, and am very grateful for your friendships.

matt, been close/best friends forever... I will never forget that. or how we talked on the phone for hours after my sister's death. you were/are always there for me. grazie.

dawn, you know how much I love you. I thank the stars each day for knowing someone like you. I am blessed to have you as a best friend. grazie.

hugs and love to you both.

Kevin said...

You....Cherilyn, sing like an angel, are sincere and friendly, & you've got a nice smile....Keep it up! Do this, & I'll keep reading! Kevin [No, you don't know me...] =)

Dawn said...

Cher, I know how much you love me and that is what completes me. Forever know my love, and may you always feel it to the depths. I as well am so thankful each day for knowing someone like you. I am beyond blessed to have you as a best friend. All my love, Dawn


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