Thursday, October 18, 2007

"tonight, tonight, tonight...", (as the smashing pumpkins would say.)


not so perfect. and all I can do is hug these words. at the moment, I miss my sister. at the moment I made a mistake. at the moment something is wrong. and at the moment, I cannot fix any of these things. I do accept this.

and being a (almost) physician's assistant,... you are a healer of sorts--someone to make someone else's day brighter with warm hands, knowledge, and sometimes, just to be a good listener that carries a smile (with patient's families mostly). but you know this cannot always happen, (as with a patient I mentioned I had lost). no one is perfect.

and when things go wrong (and they will at times), you can sometimes find comfort in a song. darren hayes is my all time favorite artist. this song, my relief. when things go off course, I like to write. that is what I am headed off to do now. and when you can open your eyes again, it is always so much nicer. (at least I hope so in this case.) and sadly, no one is around, so I will go write and think of all the good in my life, in the world.

a good thing? I know I passed my exam at school today. I can feel it. :) I stay up at night and study, study, and study. (I do take my breaks, of course, to share photographs, words, and smiles. :) and when it is all said and done,... I will have to buy stock in starbuck's and all the chocolate in the world, for helping me get through school. ;)

I hope all is well out there in internetland. a thousand hugs to you.


oh, and mum,... I am sending a prayer and a hug. I thank you for my life. I love you so deeply.

3 comments to Cher:

Auggie said...

Congratulations bella

Víctor Nuño said...

A hug cannot remain unanswered. Never. And there are so many here!

A thousand hugs, back to you, dear Cher. May your soul be full of peace!

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

Thank you, Auggie. Love you. Kiss the boys for me. :)

Thank you, Victor. Love you. I hope your trip is going well. :) Miss you!

xo Cher


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