Friday, October 12, 2007


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My beautiful friend,... one of my best friends. I add her image, because I was just thinking, "where would I be without her?" and I wanted her close to me as I do a few things right now.

I guess I just miss her tonight. we have both been so busy these past couple days. I think besides, dawn, victor, matt, and a few more, she knows me more than most. we share so much of our lives with each other. her advice has gotten me out of a few jams in these last few years, as my advice has her. we are so much alike, and the jams we get in are (almost) funny at times! ;)

she calls me her sister, but deep down, I know she is my angel. we have so many plans,.. in a month or so, we are going to NYC to shoot some images. it will be a blast, I assure you. I will post some to share.

anyway, I just miss her. :) oh, and if she were here, I would say, "let's get some shoes!" ;)

3 comments to Cher:

Víctor Nuño said...

There's a Spanish proverb that says "who has got a friend, has got a treasure".

Your words, Cher, cannot but remind me this proverb. Hope you keep enjoying each other's friendship for long! I know that if you chose her as friend (even angel), you do have very good reasons :)

Sending a smile for both, from Spain!

Unknown said...

"who has got a friend, has got a treasure".

I must have more than one treasure. I love you so much. thank you for always being there for me. thank you for everything. you are truly an angel.

I know Jo would love your hug too,


Víctor Nuño said...

There is a very big treasure in you, dear Cher. I love you. I wish so much happiness in your life!

Big hug for both, Jojo and you :)



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