Tuesday, October 16, 2007


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5 comments to Cher:

Dawn said...

Definitely on my "to do" list, come here. *giggles* Muahhhh!! :)

Auggie said...

Would have liked to =)

Víctor Nuño said...

There are people who really deserve it. An italian? Hmmmm ..., I'd say it's more about you :)

Sending a thousand kisses!

A. Moretti said...

We Italians will begin charging for these kisses, no?? =)

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

dawn, hahahahaha! Muah! ;)

auggie, Muah! :)

victor, a thousand? wow! Muah! :)

antonio!!! HAHAHA! ;)

thanks, guys,... made me laugh.


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