Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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I adore candy corn! MMmmm... :D

Hmm... not much to say today--been very busy. I am finishing up a paper for school, eating Mike and Ike's "Tangy Twister", but just bit into a raspberry one, and my skin shuddered. (I dislike raspberry.) I also have Lemonheads (mmm--love Lemon), and 3 pieces of tropical Starburst! ;) So, that sums up my morning. (Haha! Sounds funny to eat such things so early, yea?) Well, when you are in the medical field, you eat all sorts of things, at all sorts of times. And cappuccino is a must! I work best wired. ;)

Anyway, my tooth is a bit better. I cannot believe I cut my gum with my nail. Sigh. Oh, I need to say goodbye now; I have an idea for a new post (a rant of sorts). ;)


Oh, and by the way, I just cut my tongue on a lemonhead candy! (Do not ask!) Sigh. :o

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