Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Winter Wonderland

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My sweet friend (one of my best friends), Martin made this for me. I adore it.

I love making snowmen. There is a sadness in Winter, a quiet feeling that can burn through the flesh, leaving goosebumps along your spine. It is a feeling that can drive one mad. I think that is why hot cocoa was invented; it brings smiles and warmth to re-cheeked people that are out and about. They scurry to gather Christmas gifts: snowboard the hills, ski the slopes, have snowball fights, and so much more. Yes, a hot cup of cocoa can be quite charming. ;)

When I look at this image, I see happiness. I see a beauty that is soft. The colors are unforgettable,... just like the way he is always there for me. I am grateful.

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I like adding entries or odes to my friends that are close at heart. Martin is no exception. He is so wonderful and fun! He is precious to me, and such a fantastic friend. He is a great listener, funny, talented, and warm. Martin is someone you need in your life. Hugs to him!

I asked Dawn to make friends with Martin, Jo, and Victor. I did this, because I think it is such a good thing, and it can only enhance their lives; having each other as friends is my way of sharing their beauty, and along with it, they have warmth from each other. I am happy in my heart to know she did this. She is one of my best friends (as you know), and well, it just makes me smile. :)

I really have such great friends. I know I mention this a lot, but I am just so proud of them all in different ways. I am truly surrounded by angels.

2 comments to Cher:

A. Moretti said...

Hey Cher, nice things you say. I have a feeling he's as grateful as anyone else that close to you. You're one of a kind, angel. You say they're friends now? Well that sunshine they walk under, that's you, Cher. I hope your Tuesday is a good one.


Antonio =)

Dawn said...

I fully agree with Antonio, the sunshine that we'll walk under, is YOU!! You are happiness expounded. I am blessed to have a best friend such as you Cher. I am thankful to have made friends with Martin and Victor, and I know it will bring such joy upon us all being encircled with one another. All my love, Dawn


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