Saturday, November 10, 2007


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There is no one like you, nor will there ever be anyone who could compare to you. My heart has been completely captivated, from the first moment of existence of our friendship. I knew right then, you were my "meant to be" FOREVER BEST FRIEND. I am wrapped up in you, and I do not want to be unraveled. Your love is every sunrise and sunset. When I wake it is your love that I awaken to and it carries me through my day and it lays me down at night, whispering you will always keep me safe. Through the storms that rise, you are right there, you are my calm.

You warm me when I feel cold. In weakness, you show me strength. Among sadness, you bring forth joy. I find myself blessed to have walked through the door of your love. Life is a voyage, one in which a single person cannot prepare for; but I know that through this journey it is you that I must have by my side. Happiness is however one decides to define it, and my full depth definition of it is, YOU, my best friend. Love is a book and our hearts are the pages, and my heart is filled with every moment that you have shown me that you have loved me. On sunlit pages I began writing this letter, for my love shines forth from the depths of my soul. Everything before me, your love touches and every beam radiates beautiful you. Love is a place one cannot fully explain, but to that place I will always take you. It is your love that gives my heart wings, and it is only by your LOVE that I truly soar. My love I give to you, not a mere portion, for I give it all. God placed me beside you, and forever that is where I will stand. I love you, Cher.

Love your best friend always,


She made me the collage too. I had to share, because her heart is so beautiful. I have tears now and it is a bit hard to see, but I need to write this. I am so grateful for the people in my life (you know who you all are). I think the words she left here can spin softly through my close circle of friends. I think they are the sun,... the beautiful ones. I only shine from the wondrous light they give as a whole. All of them, around me, is like an angel's song in Autumn. I am merely the onlooker.


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