Monday, November 12, 2007

warmth and sunshine

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What a long weekend. I was so moody, elusive, spent. I have an infection in my wisdom tooth. I was looking at it the other day, and somehow my fingernail slid down and tore the gum pretty bad. Eh, so now it is so swollen. I am antibiotics, but it raised my blood sugar levels. When your levels are high, it is hard to fight infection. When you have an infection, your levels rise. Seems to be a no win situation.

The other day my blood sugar was in the 40's. I am borderline, so I need to be careful. Anyway, this weekend, being high level, it mixed my mood into a sort of sadness and emptiness. Even elusive at times. And when my levels start to lower, I cannot stay awake, so I have to sleep it off. I need to take better care of myself, but I get so distracted and busy. I am headstrong at times, I suppose. ;)

(Forgive me for being so elusive and moody. I never meant to be.)

I have school today, but I think I am going to get better antibiotics instead. I feel a bit ill. I will not mess my grades if I miss school. In fact, I do not think I have ever missed school. Obviously this need to be cared for. My blood sugars are usually controlled. I do not usually need medication, but I do for my tooth. (I cannot believe how I cut it open!) Silly me.

On the ill list (a cold bug), is Martin. (Well, he is better, but I wish him a complete state of health.) :)

Well, my birthday is in 8 days. (Yes, a Scorpio, water sign, possible brat at times! ;)) But I wonder what I have done noteworthy this year. I do not think I did too much. The year has flown by. I really wish next year to be eventful and happy. I hope to do more volunteer work, give more smiles, love more, do random acts of kindness, and feel loved. :)

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I think I will drape myself in the warmth and sunshine of my beloved friends. I am so blessed. I will never forsake that. As always, the ones that I mentioned my mood to, were there right away to comfort me. I am grateful, indeed. (((HUGS)))

They move like angels around me.

2 comments to Cher:

Víctor Nuño said...

We all have got our low moments. All of us. Maybe we see it as 'problems', but it is part of us. In fact, whoever says he hasn't got problems, ... he has got a BIG problem :)

And these low moments can just come, unexpectedly, and be physical, mental or even spiritual. The good thing is to keep on going, just as life does.

Sending you so many smiles! ... and indeed, my wish that you feel well again, and healthy.

So as for Martin, that I read he is ill too!

A. Moretti said...

Cher, take care of 'you' and that tooth. Take time for yourself, you'll still be the world's sweetest angel. How could that change?!?!

Get well soon!

Antonio =)


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