Friday, November 02, 2007

Don't be surprised

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Don't be surprised

(After reading Pablo Neruda)

It was bound to happen.
For days the ache lay at the door;
an intractable silhouette that refused
to slip away.
I step outside, stand beside the autumn
leaves. I dream a dream of kissing you
amid the moist air. Is it only a dream?
If not, then what?
Because it is here in the traces of
footfall that I imagine you.
Your hands gather mine, place them
to chest, where everything burns,
where each second is counted--
where the eyes glisten along the path.
In this November of my life, the voice
knows not of language--a circle of sound
like an echo, subtle in the mouth.
With cool hands, I button my coat
and I walk the distance of your smile.
I consider the words of
Pablo Neruda, and by the same shore,
I would end my journey, place roots
within his, lie quiet, and await
you to discover me.
If your heels drag in season, and you
cannot reach me--if your heels drag
in season, and you could never reach
, the sea breeze would shatter my
form, the dream would fade away.

1 comments to Cher:

neftali said...

namaste and wow. me encanta tu poesia. your style, your winding of the words, yet flow

"in the traces of footfall that I imagine you."

"where everything burns,

the eyes glistening along the path of the chest

and so much more
with your potter hands,
it left me going to find this, by pablo:

Si solamente me tocaras el corazón,
si solamente pusieras tu boca en mi corazón,
tu fina boca, tus dientes,

i've been reading your other poetry and its left quite an impression. i hope you'll check out our garden at, i hope you'll dig it, dig into its earth and poetry and chile.

art not war,


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