Friday, November 23, 2007

On Days Such as This

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This Love,... the love between my miracle and I, is everything that
I have ever hoped for in Life. This Love, gave me wings.

Please let be forever young and graceful, surrounded by miracles.
Incredible and beautiful,.. a life near you. This Love,...

... one miracle more, in Heaven.

On Days Such as This

We walk in the rain,
hearts set deep
in the surreptitious
of the forest.

We cross fern with
footfall, tongues
out of range--
eyes like rivers
that cling to their

And this
and that
and this

It is accurate
the heat (of you
on me),

with(out) intricacy

it is composition;
the boat's siren at
noon, its cry strung
out across
boughs, milkless,

claiming hands
as twisted as tension,
uncrossing / crossing

releasing a softer
language in late autumn.

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