Monday, December 03, 2007

Hugs and other fun stuff!


Coming are some intelligent words from a friend. I was feeling fine, but somewhat down when I woke, and went to this class I just came from. This letter made me feel better. A hug to my bratty best friend who stayed up for a long time last night listening to me and my feelings. A hug to sweet, sweet Victor, of course! And a hug to my best and warm friend Dawn, for having fun with me last night at LiveDigital! Oh, and hugs to several friends that sent me quick messages last night full of love and hugs. :)

"As far as the moods, I think they come and go as they want. You can't control this, and in my opinion, if people want to control it, it will be more like repressing their feelings than controlling them, and repressing feelings makes sick in one or the other way. So, best way to handle moods in my opinion is to feel them, accept them, face up to them, analyze them, but don't sink into them or let them get you down too long. So, to accept the moods and try to get to the bottom of them, will solve them sooner or later, just by thinking about it objectively. You've gone through hard times, and it came up again with losing that friend of yours, so it's just normal to get in moods. And hey, we are all just human, no? Maybe you should just let your closest friends know earlier about the reason for your mood (if there is a particular one), so they can understand it and don't have to imagine what could be wrong.

I hope your day started wonderful :) I was very tired yesterday (well, I still am :D), hmmm, I don't know how that comes ;) I know I could have went to bed, but I didn't want to go before knowing you feel better :)



I need to get to my next class. I will be back. ;) Enjoy the "Hug Fest". ;)

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2 comments to Cher:

Fabrizio said...

oh ur are funny today bella! :-) xxxxxx

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

Haha! I changed the song to a nice one again. :) Glad I could amuse you this morning, brat! Haha! :) ((HUGS))


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