Monday, December 17, 2007

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Today I aced my exam--not one mark. I have no idea how, because I have been going through so much as of late, (but it is all good). My professor wrote me a letter of recommendation today, as well. So, I now have 4 and can use them for seeking a job as a Physician's Assistant when finished with school. Also, I have 3 from previous professors, so I could take the classes I take now. You see, there are only so many openings, and I was "lucky" enough to have slipped into one.

My averages are very high. I think they are because I am so interested in what is next. Also, I stay up late to study, while still having time for my hobbies and such. I study so much, I am learning to live on of cappuccino alone. ;)

In other news, I am taking time off from some people: Happy Birthday to a good friend, I am still off sugar, I cut my hair to the middle of my back, I miss my friend who passed, I miss my sister, I received a funny letter (that I did not reply to yet) it said to get my rear back to this certain website. (He knows how I am and that I will when ready.:))

Oh, Michael (my cat) caught a tiny mouse this morning. I grabbed a paper bag to collect it in, but was too scared to do so. I then, grabbed a plastic bag. (What was I thinking?) Finally I reached for a towel and tossed it on them both and ran! ;)

Again, I am sorry for being so late in replying to everything. Dawn is so very beautiful for her many messages of love (I see my in box filling with LiveDigital messages), and a good friend and his wife just had their baby! Congrats and warm wishes to them! Hmmm... what else? Oh, I feel bad in my heart today.

Have a wonderful Monday. ((HUGS))

2 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on acing your exam... and hope your heart will feel better soon ;o)

A. Moretti said...

Congratulations Cher! You're a smart one. To tell you, you're a good woman and will make some man happy in his whole life. Very happy, I'm positive about this words. What?! Bad in the heart?! Your heart it's so nice, Cher, please smile for its tender charm. =)



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