Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Heart Collections

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(Image was made for me by, Victor) :)

Heart Collections

I have been thinking a lot about how we collect simple things from each other. I say this, and mean, tiny pieces of this and that. I think on what Victor once told me;

"You know? It is said that when two people cross their ways and know each other, ... they change. They aren't once again the same ones as before that meeting. As always one takes a bit from the other one, yet giving a bit to that person."

I have never forgotten how true those words are. And you know, I see pieces of me in people that I converse with a lot. I see pieces of them in myself. I may receive an email that is 10% worded as I would word something. It is just something that person picked up from me. I will send ((((((HUGS)))))) and I now see these "hugs" spread across websites that I belong to. Everyone hugging everyone. I, of course did not make that up--I assume I picked it up from someone who passed through my life at one point.

We give to others, we receive from others. So, even when you feel you may have not given this year, remember that song you introduced to the person you crossed paths with, will remain in their memory. That smile you gave as you passed a stranger, may have brightened their entire day. That hug you gave, most likely warmed someone's heart.

Heart collections that we pick up and use in our everyday lives--no matter what they may be. It could be a glance, a song we were introduced to, a word, gesture, anything. It all comes down to the fact that we share so much unconsciously. We pick up things from others sometimes the same way. And as long as these things are positive, and good for us and others, I say,...

what a wonderful way to be, to learn,... to live.

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