Saturday, June 14, 2008

Explosion / Explosión

Explosion / Explosión
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Explosion / Explosión

"Expansion. Looking for the growth, for the limits. Maybe, ... to leave them behind? It is our soul, in the wish to overcome our limitations.

Expansión. Buscando un crecimiento, buscando los límites. Quizá, ... ¿para dejarlos atrás? Es nuestra alma, en el deseo de superar nuestras limitaciones."

(I adore that image. He is not only a wonderful person, but an ideal photographer.) :)

Update on these past few days:

Hmm,... a quick list: went to the YMCA gym and did some strength training, went into the steam room, sauna (did crunches on the bench), whirlpool, had a shower and blow dry, and then out for iced coffee. Hung out with a friend at his place and talked about relationships, love, and so on.

Went to Allentown, went for a walk, did paperwork for work, worked on images, and washed my car. :) (... yes, I get it washed, unlike some girls. I just like everything clean.) I even bough leather conditioner and these cute little pads that buff it in. :)

Moving on:

Went for an Orange Julius with Terry. Went to the ER. I watched that movie 30 days of night (or something like that). Worked, cried, laughed, smiled, worked, and worked!

Spent time on my Skype phone, mobile phone, and such,... speaking with loved ones. Went and had a few drinks with the girls, spoke with Stefan and Auggie that night, as well. Funny, Stefan left a voice mail asking if I was still on the planet because he had not heard from me. Haha! Hmm,... of course brats remain on the planet to misbehave and cause the world to drop to its knees. :o Right? (Better be right!) ;)

Anyway, I am home for the moment. I just got back from the hospital and am a bit tired, but am going to go on a train ride later. I will take my camera with me and add some images here later. (Ooops, I have been asked to finally add those images that I spoke of earlier of the glass house. Sorry! I will do so later, as well.) :)

Today is a day that no matter how it began, I will fill it up with SO many smiles. I will not bother with sleepiness or sadness,... I will just embrace the day.

Martin, my sweet friend, I must add: thank you for wishing Mathew to sing me sweet songs. He is indeed! In fact, I came home to his lovely songs. :) You know, you are always there for me. I really look forward to speaking on the phone Sunday evening. It has been forever, yea? :)

Oh my gosh, something funny: Auggie and I were speaking, but he made me upset so I hung up on him. Well, he left me a voice mail SO angry! I ignored it for hours, but finally listened and laughed. I returned his call and told him this! Haha! HE was like, "You laughed at my being upset, Cher? I actually flung my mobile phone! Haha!" I said, "Auggie, laughed? Ohhhhhhh, I listened a few times before calling back, just to laugh again!" ( A big hug to you, Auggie!) :)

Hahaha! Guys are too much, yea? I mean, in his voice mail he said that I was lucky he was even calling me back! Ahahaha! (See? A bit bratty, but I am funny, yes? Haha!) ;)

Well, I just got in and am heading for a shower and some Advil (I hit my head very hard on the bathtub last night, and it still hurts.) Also, I need to clean up the mess Benedict left for me. Seems he does not like things on the table, sooooooo he pushes them all off! A bratty cat for a bratty me!

(I am speaking to Victor right now, and spoke aloud as I am typed about Benedict. He stated, "Obviously that is not about me!" He laughed.)

Anyway, he keeps speaking of my "Please hold on for one second, Victor" statement and laughing. So, I better go (it has been 1 minute or so)... and he says it sounds as if I am playing some rap music with my typing, while calling me a brat! Ugh! Haha! ;)


Who is the brat? Me? ... no way! It is all of you, be sure! :o

Sending my smile to you all, along with the world's biggest and best hug. Enjoy your Saturday to its fullest. :)


3 comments to Cher:

Gian said...

Brava!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Cher, you're precious. Keep smiling, dear and all the world's gonna shine. -A

Mario said...

Woah! That picture is brilliant! Send my regards to the artist. I like your list, too. I know I need to do more things during the week!

Have a nice day Cher! :o)


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