Sunday, June 22, 2008

Night Storm


(An image I took in the forest today.)

We are getting a huge storm at the moment. The thunder and lightning are louder than the piano I have playing here softly. I can hear the rain on the window and even the scents have made their way inside my flat.

No matter what is happening inside me,... nature can always bring me the deepest of hugs with its beauty and amazing sounds.

Well, I may write more later. As for now, I feel like feeling the rain as I did while in the forest today. I will step outside barefoot and allow it to saturate my entire body with Life.

(Not sure that makes sense to anyone but me.) :)

Sending you all such a big hug.


3 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

...makes perfect sense to me.

Enjoy the night air kitten, let it fill your soul again with the life you so desperately need.


Kira Buchetti said...

I really love the way you see life, Cher.. Your eyes are our gift.

Thank you for caring for our ill-fated father. Thank you from our souls, dear Cher.

Blessings, Kira

Kira Buchetti said...

It almost slipped my mind.. We left you a little present at the hospital. We hope it serves you well, Cher. And I'm really happy to find your blog. Hopefully I can email you sometime to stay in contact. I'd like that.

Thank you again, Kira


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