Friday, June 27, 2008

Wherever you are in this moment


I received an email the other day from one of my best friends. He has moved to Texas and is Chief of ankle and joint surgery now, (or something like that). I miss him. We were going to go on a road trip together. It was so funny, because we had a huge list of items like raccoon hats, lawn chairs and gummi bears. :) (Yep, we are dorks!)

Anyway, perhaps I should tell him to come for a few days. Last we spoke, he wanted to. That sounds like a lot of late night talks about relationships, travel, medicine, and cappuccino. ... (it sounds quite comforting to me.) In fact, he was the one who introduced my favorite cappuccino to me from Starbuck's--he liked to go there late during school to study. (He is a writer like me, as well.)

Wherever you are, my sweet friend, call me. So much has changed in these last few weeks and I need your hug.


p.s. I want to thank everyone for the comments lately. And no,... I am not perfect. If I were, I would have everything I have ever longed for. (Well, just one thing.) So you see, I am far from it. It is ok though, I do not want to be perfect--it is not the style of a brat. ;)

But thank you for thinking I am at times.

5 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a good friend, Cher. Call him if he doesn't call you. :-) And with all that's happening in your life, whatever you "long" for is sure to come your way. Trust in the ways of the heart.


Anonymous said...

never trust your heart

Mike said...

I agree with that Cher. You've already trusted it and it's cracked open. But, you have to take chances in life or you'll always be alone. If the guy loves you, and he must to some degree, he'll repair your heart first thing. Then you trust it wholly.

You know that I split with Christa last year. 5 minutes later, the real heartache started......I didn't want to be on my own without her. Everything reminded me of her. Finally we talked, cried and talked more until we got back. So it really depends on the heart.

Your heart is nice Cher, it'll welcome his again. We're all bound to mistakes and we're all able to mend them. :)

Mike said...

Lmao, unless you're an ass that is! And I only see two people that need to work on things to make them sweeter. ;)

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

Grazie, but I think I will just trust in God--he gave me this heart. :)

A hug to you all,



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