Wednesday, June 25, 2008



(An image I took on Sunday morning.)

Today turned out quite nice; I received good news, good conversation, a good nap, and other moments through-out the day that brought smiles and laughter. But I am extremely sleepy now! I suppose good days are just as tiring as boring ones, yes? ;)

I am going to put my rubber tree into a new pot, wander around aimlessly doing this and that, and then rest my head on my most comfortable pillow.

Ahhhhh,... sounds SO nice! :)

Random thought:

Funny, I bought a new shower curtain and read that it was flame retardant. Shall I go on, haha? (Well, being a bit of a brat, I must.) ;)

I suppose if there were ever a fire, my curtain will be saved? Or, even better, if I were in the shower and started a fire, I would be saved! So good to know, because playing with matches while washing in the shower, is a habit I might be forming! ;)

Well, I must give praise to the CEO who came up with that concept, annnnd the advertising firm that made it possible! ;) (Oh, and let us not forget, it is heavy duty too! And if I ever get wild during a hair wash, it is good to know my shower curtain can withstand the chaos!!!) Grazie mille!

Moving on: ;)

I was just commenting on an image about emptiness. The image was quite thought provoking. It made me think of what it really means.

Anyway, my comment:

"... a true time to be in touch with one's self.

And emptiness can be beautiful, because it is in that moment when we can really see what is important,...
... when we can pause a moment and debate how to be full once more. It is easier than we imagine. :)

We go on and on, never realizing what we have until we lose it and feel that empty space.

It is an echo within the heart

Good night, brats ;)

3 comments to Cher:

Lorenzo said...

You're one of a kind, girl. I'm amazed you're not taken, swept away and a ring put on your finger. As far as your curtain goes, I'm still laughing!


Anonymous said...

I agree with it all. :o) And in case nobody has told you lately, YOU'RE A BRAT! ;)) Terry

Anonymous said...

...only you could start a fire in the shower!! ('re that HOT!!!) Ok, maybe I'm pushing it a bit! Ha! Ha! Love ya anyhow!!



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