Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

I am doing paperwork for work and decided to stop in for a quick post.


(An image I took some time ago.)

While driving in my car tonight, the traffic seemed so noisy, but was quickly faded within so many thoughts that went through my mind. And so it is, my heart feels quiet tonight; it is almost as if it has nothing to say. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. But like I said, my mind went in so many directions. (Sometimes it is hard to think in public places.)

When beside the sea, one can think so much better about life and such. I guess it is the peace that comes along in the salty air. Sometimes i like to sit in the warm sand, pull my knees to my chest, and gaze for what seems like hours. It is in those moments, that my soul feels at ease. Just something about the atmosphere; so much beauty caught in one place, one view, one heart.

And if you truly believe, you can look over your shoulder and feel your prince charming waiting in the wings to come to your rescue. I suppose when a child, all girls believed. I used to dream of love that is everlasting. ... I still do.

( I know my heart can love unconditionally. I know it gives its all. I just know.)

I wish for happiness. Not a big wish at all, but there is more to come:

To be taken away to a place where love outlasts the season, where I breathe in the scent of rain and roses, see a fallen star, where my smile reaches all four horizons,... kisses the corners of existence, that is what I long for.

To dance barefoot amid the autumn air, my hair sweeping the leaves that fall, hands out and open, inviting a leaf or two to land softly and be released into the sunset. A precious moment indeed.

I guess what I need is simplicity. I am not speaking of simple days without complication, because that is life, and if everything was easy, it could get quite boring. What I speak of is, simple things like to see the changing from winter to spring, the scent of summer, a sole flower alive and well, reaching for the sun. Perhaps to feel the breeze against my cheek, or to see beauty in all around me. To me, that is true simplicity. ... and it a soul song, be sure.

I need someone to hold me all night, to keep tears from falling, a slow dance that lasts for hours, a long and loving hug, and can I add general taos chicken to that list? Eh, I do not need to ask--consider it added! (A brat moment. Sorry!)

... no I am not! ;)

Ok, serious stuff now:

These are what I need and get from Life. I am grateful. And, I need them as I need air, love, and comfort. I gather them like rain and hold each one dear to my heart. And there are so many more things that bring simplicity, like a smile from a loved one or a hug from behind. I will never take anything for granted.

... especially a phone call when my heart is hurting. A soft voice to calm the tears and hold my hand. ... it is one of Life's joys, a hug directly to the core.

Another thing that hugs my heart is volunteering my time to read to ill children. I know to some it may sound tiring, but it is not at all. In fact, it is quite the opposite. And there is something so precious deep within the smile of a child; something that can only bring a smile to your own lips, and quite quickly. It is the gift of bringing happiness to someone other than yourself. :) ... it is the sweetest thing.

"The heart will cause an inferno..." I do not know why, but I really like that line. (... that was a random thought.) ;) Hey, I am a brat, random thoughts are so allowed here! ;)

A lot of randomness in this post, but after a day of walking down the corridor, being pulled into patient's rooms, gathering information and needs, making a mental list of all, and still having a list there for other things, you just do not have time to think on much else. Then, when all is calm and you have a moment alone, that is when all else pours out. ... like in my blog tonight; more or less, random thoughts strung together like seashells, glistening and waiting their turn to be heard. :)

Anyway, I have a long day tomorrow, so I should end this post. And besides, my mobile just rang, so I will see who is in need of Mc Brat's attention! :) Haha!

Buona notte, my friends. xoxo

2 comments to Cher:

Jeremy said...

Random things are what makes life fun!

I like reading what you've got to say. And I'm lovin' the thought of your smile, Cher!!!!

Cynthia said...

Cher, you have wonderful karma
and this will return to you.


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