Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good night


I was asked to take some quizzes. I took them and will post the results tomorrow. I was supposed to take 2 more, but I cannot at the moment.
(... but thank you for asking me to do them.)

Anyway, I just got back at 10:45 from tending to a patient, and I am not feeling too awake. I think I will go directly to bed.

My day was extra long, but good.

Sweet dreams everyone,

4 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

Good night kitten, pleasent and all so sweet dreams my love.

Hugs to help you rest well.


Anonymous said...

get some rest cher, let the dreams of your kind kindheartedness begin.

I would give you a hug too but I'm not fortunate enough to get one from someone as sweet as you (my g/f isn't that romantic lol) goodnight.

Luca Vicatti said...

Dear Cher,

Your heart is fragile right now. In this state of being, it's easy for it to fall for another....the wrong man.

Be careful, doll, men like to get women this way. They go right for the heart like wolves. Don't let this happen, guard yourself. And Cher, if you love this man, be patient, he'll love you even more than you'd ever know. I'm thinking he's a smart man, and he knows your worth. :)

Your pal, Luca

Luca Vicatti said...

Damn, this comment is in the wrong post! :) I'll blame it on you, Cher....too many brattatic posts for these two eyes, hehe!

Well just add that last comment to Terry's! ;)


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