Friday, June 06, 2008

Philadelphia and more

Just a quick post.


It was a long day in Philadelphia, but I did manage to see some beautiful things while there. We had dinner in Chinatown, took some images, and other things in the late afternoon. The ride home was full of conversation, but my mind wandered out the window. I thought a lot about the things that I would like to change about myself, I thought of people close to my heart, of the weekend, how the sunset seemed to follow us, and how kind it was to hear Meghan tell me that she had a crush on me.

I adore her, but my heart is not free. Also, I like men, not women. :) I guess she does, as well (she has a boyfriend). But nonetheless, it was flattering. It was sweet how she said, "Cher, I am kinda getting a crush on you." I looked at her quickly, and she finished with, "... not a lot, Cher. Just a small one." She then smiled. I smiled at her. I guess I never really replied.

My head turned towards the window, and I drifted away into the music and thoughts of Victor. I remember wishing I could hear his laughter at that moment. (Something sweet to get lost in. Something to enhance the song, "No air" that was playing...

... only, there was air. And it felt good to breathe.)

It may sound odd, but I can honestly look back into the past and smile. I look into the future, and I smile, as well. I guess a smile looks best on an Italian brat's face, yea? ;) Besides, my tears are getting tired of spilling!

... as is my heart. Well, it will always spill sweetness to all I see. (Hopefully, anyway!) :)

(That was only part of my day, but all I feel like sharing at the moment. My morning was a bit tougher. BUT, not as tough as I am!) ;) Eh, it is over now,... and today is here. :)

Today is peaceful for me, by the way. I had a great phone conversation and a lot of smiles, an SMS that said, "Smile, God loves you, and so do I.", and some other nice things. Now I am going to go paint with Meghan for awhile.

I am going to finish my day with nothing but a smile. And, it will feel good in my heart and soul.

A very big hug,

3 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

...and I meant it too. my beautiful friend, and the whole world will too. have that effect on everything kitten.

...that's why I love you.

Anonymous said...


...and a very BIG BEAR HUG to you too!!

Lorimar said...

Like the other commenter stated, Cher, do have that effect on everyone.... =)


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