Saturday, June 28, 2008

In My Eyes and all around


Seems there is so much to see within them. Most of all, my heart. And within my heart there is indeed a smile. I know this because I was told so. ;)

Anyway, I have been very busy tonight with many things, and will go to bed in a few moments. I just wanted to write for a few minutes.

These two days have been curiously long. I have been so lost, like being out to sea without a life jacket. (To swim here is murder.) Needless to say, I am strong enough to handle it. And what makes me feel warm inside is knowing that I can bring Peace to others, even while in my own little boat that seems to want to capsize.

It is almost like standing before an avalanche of moments, and reaching out for a loving hand. Are these moments all without light? Not at all. In fact, there is much more than light at times, ... there is Hope. And with that, there always comes a gentle prayer.

Be sure, my prayers rarely have anything to do with me; I prefer to send them for others. (Although, I do sneak a quick one in for my heart every now and then.) :)

I am taking each day as it comes. Some better than others. And I am less concerned with the exact reasons and relative thoughts that climb, than I am with the general effect they eventually create with each breath (even when there seems to be no air). In these circumstances (and all), the heart still beats and functions sweetly to build a physical bridge, as to bring in the rain.

The rain, an adhesive to fasten together the broken pieces; a perceptible immediacy that places the 'whole', not 'hole' to its proper proportions, at least so the beats function in calmer ways, like an equally elaborate field of flowers, where within each precious second, they remain reaching for the sun, (slowly). :)

And within each new dawn, the sun arrives in its beauty, while I wake to the songs of Mathew with a smile. And when the rest of the birds beckon, I will take day's hand and follow to where the consistency of a wound heals within the soul, like sodium thiopental for a ship-wrecked heart. Because as U2 says, "Sometimes you cannot make it on your own."

Kisses and a "Good night".

7 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

Good night my dear friend. Yesterday is gone, today is here, tomorrow is the dream we can share,


Sweet dreams kitten.


Anonymous said...

you have the heart of an angel, the eyes of beauty itself, the writing of a mastermind and the soul of something not of this world. i've never seen anyone quite like you, cher. never change who you are inside.

you don't know who this is but i see you on a regular basis at work.
bye. xxxx

Kristy said...

Good one, Cher! ;)

Anonymous said...

looking good kiddo

My words don't need a name ;) said...

What's new Cher? I just read your whole blog for a second time!!!!! Kudos!!!!

How do you put in writing your feelings so fine? I wish I could be so open, Cher. This post is precisely what I need to get inspired to write more in my own blog. Thanks.

Cher, ask yourself this, he cried when you two broke, right? He doesn’t want to lose you. So, stay there for him, be the voice he desires to hear during his day and he won't run off again. Makes no difference if it's a teary tone of voice or a smiley one, his heart will reach for yours. You'll see, honey.

After all, who can unfasten such a magnificent woman from their belt, and set her free to the human race alone and broken-hearted!? Patience is a virtue, my dear. are one of a kind. :)

Some kisses for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're a brave and beautiful girl, keep your prayers close and never lose your faith in LOVE.

Osteopath said...

You write with such feeling and a certain poeticism we feel but cant always express nearly as well. keep up the good work!


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