Sunday, June 22, 2008



I woke to the soft sound of rain this morning. It is so beautiful. And to add to the beauty, fog and the sweet sounds of piano playing in my flat!!! :)

Jenn and I are going to the forest in an hour to shoot photography. I do not have a protector for my camera, but my umbrella will do just fine. :) I cannot wait to be there.

I am waiting for my coffee at the moment. Funny, I was wondering why it was taking so long, and realized I had forgotten to add water. ;) Eh, I am walking on only half an eye still,... I need my coffee or tea as to use two! :)

After photography, mass. (Well, we went to mass late last night, so maybe not today.) After that, painting. Haha, I seem so organized, but let me just say, I am fighting all inside as to not crawl back to bed and sleep!!! In fact, just typing that, sounded soooooo inviting to me! ;) I am still sore from things, and I should rest more each day, but Life is much too beautiful to see from your pillow! ;)

Well, it is going to be a Peaceful day, be sure. I can already feel what nature is giving. And I can already smell the scent of rain,... so, I am going to go get ready to breathe in so much more this morning. What I really wish is to be running along the sea with the water tickling my feet. I would play in the beautiful waves, lay in the soft sand and daydream all day long, while listening to seagulls and the sound of a distant ship's fog horn. :)

By the way, thank you for your comments in my blog. It is appreciated. And, I am sure this is a dorky post, but I do have an excuse:

I have not had coffee yet! It is quite a good excuse to me. ;)


Ciao brats!


"You hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall..."

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Anonymous said...

Have fun, and be careful!! What seems beautiful one minute can turn dangerous the next. I worry about you. (...someone has to!)
Love ya,



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