Saturday, June 21, 2008

Peace and Sunshine :)


(An image I took in Monterey Bay)

What a lovely morning it has been. :)

... oops, allow me to apologize first for not replying to many letters, SMSs, and such. I have been quite busy with many things. I know that is no excuse, but some of those days, it was quite impossible for me to converse. So with that, I send the biggest and warmest hug. :)

K,... where was I,...

Well, my morning was indeed precious and Peaceful. Be sure, I smiled so much. To begin, the entire area was covered in a soft, cool fog. Mathew sung the most beautiful of melodies into the air, and other significant things happened. :)

It is always so pleasant to share a smile, laughter, and Peace with another. I hope you all get that chance as I did last night with See-saw. You all deserve it. :)

It has been raining, so everything is covered in crystal water drops. The breeze brings such a scent, as well. It goes through you as if it were in your veins. It is quite soothing. And with the breeze, the trees create their own song--swaying back and forth as if to say, "Dance with me."

I really wish you all could have witnessed nature here these past days. It is completely unforgettable. ... as are other moments passed. :)

In other news:

Benedict is still on the evil side. He has destroyed my entire flat! Haha! By the way, in case you were wondering, here is the latest image of him:


Hmm,... what else ...

Well, I need to get going now.

So last, but not least, I wish each and every one of you the most beautiful of days. :)


p.s I know, I know, I already had this posted today. I just reposted this from this afternoon as to make adjustments and so on. :) Ciao!


2 comments to Cher:

Jeremy said...

You're a class act Cher. I hope god & peace continuously follow your precious footsteps. And my most heartfelt congratulations on your achievements..... I always knew you were something special ever since I helped you recover your shoes from the bay! =)

Anonymous said...

Alright, you took away my comment!!
Congratulations kitten, you truly are the greatest. Lot of love.



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